Prophetic Flow

The Word of The Lord for 2017


I hear the Lord say that 2017 is the year of acceleration.It is a divine acceleration that requires no striving. The Lord says that He will put His foot on your gas pedal and your life is going to excel according to His power. Watch as things will accelerate on your behalf. Relationships will accelerate, finances will accelerate, and personal fruit will accelerate. This is a year where things that have been in park, or in neutral, will suddenly go into high gear and accelerate at high speeds to bring about God's glory and power on the church.

My People, as the church, will become super-charged as an apostolic-prophetic house of vision and strategy fueled with enormous faith, and aligned with the shepherding passion of a pastor's heart to nurture and gather. I'm going to quicken every prophetic word that will be released and cause a divine acceleration to see its fulfillment in 2017. For it is vital that My Word must be released in the hearts and minds of My people to bring encouragement, to bring change, and to bring a renewing of the mind. I am releasing a heavenly rate of speed for My people to be equipped and to be empowered to see My hand move supernaturally in this season of divine acceleration.

In this season of acceleration, be wise stewards who are fully aware of how you spend your time. You will not have time to take on projects that would not help expedite or would slow down your momentum. Because the earth is moving at a hastened pace, the Lord would say that this is a season that I want to accelerate things in your life so that I can come back for a bride without spots or wrinkle. 2017 is going to be an epic year!

It is time for My people, the royal priesthood of My indwelling divine presence, to become a spiritual hub of open portals as I release divine strategy to reach My pre-Christians.

It is time for My church, the anointed body of Christ, to awaken and seize the many opportunities that I have specifically provided for them. For many of My people, within the church and in the marketplace, are experiencing a drought season; but I’m about to shake alive those parched places with a fresh and new anointing.

This is the season that the millennial generation will demonstrably live out Joel 2:28. I shall restore and replace what has been depleted through the generations. Sons and daughters of the Most High God shall live from My presence. They will have an abundance of strategic visions and dreams and they will prophesy as My Spirit is wondrously poured out upon all flesh.

It is time for the watchmen to stand alert on the high tower to sound the alarm of the coming advancement of the enemy. My people will not be alarmed or left unaware. For in this awakening, you will know precisely when and where the enemy is advancing.

It is time for My church to look to the hills, which their help comes from. I am there as your help and I will release a divine strategy to bring down the enemy’s kingdom.

It is time for My church to step into their divine, tailor-made shoes and lace them up knowing 2017 will surely be an epic year. This is truly a clarion trumpet battle call for final reformation.

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